Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Test a New Airport Terminal in Atlanta

By Nick – Random Segments

As I’m sure many readers are aware of, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is opening a new terminal this spring.  The concession contracts have been signed, most of the heavy construction is done and you everyone is waiting for the terminal to finally open so international travelers terminating in Atlanta no longer have to re-check their bags just to get out of the airport.  But as a part of that, they need to do some operational testing to make sure everything works.

To make sure everything works, they are doing an operational test day on May 2 from 8am to noon, and currently seeking 1500 volunteers, to arrive from various places in Atlanta, to bring luggage and experience the airport as a passenger would to make sure that everything is working.  There will be complimentary drinks, as well as a commemorative gift for participants.

There is an application for this program and all submissions must be emailed by March 30 with participants being notified by April 15.  More information about the event is located on the airport website.  You have time to pack your special bags for this special trip without even leaving the ground (though you might be able to figure out a trip to do that while you are at the airport 😉  I’ve already got my application filled out and will be submitting it when I can scan it in.  I hope to see some other of you there. 


Thanks to the AJC for reporting on this event.