Returning to Blogging

After many years of being grounded, I have returned on my own site.  I’m currently working on restoring the original pictures on the archived posts.

To give a little background on my hiatus, through 2010 I had a job that had me traveling all across North America for work where I would usually be on the first flight out of my small airport on a Monday morning, and usually ended up returning on the last flight.  Sometimes I would get lucky and actually be able to arrive home earlier.  At the time, I was always connecting through airports like Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dulles.  That is actually where the first generation of this blog got its name.  I was usually flying from a small airport, to the hub, to another random airport somewhere in the continent.

Unfortunately life decided it had other plans and I got laid off.  I still had a love of travel, but the position I had to accept did not allow for travel, as well as not paying enough for any real extensive travel when trapped in the fortress hub of Atlanta (Seriously, the main option was Delta with very little service from LCC or ULCC).

In 2016 I had an opportunity to change jobs, and it really led to a revolution in my personal travel.  Yes it is still primarily domestic, but the relocation to Denver provided a great opportunity to start traveling.  For those not familiar, Denver is a hub for United and Frontier, with Southwest operating a focus city operation.  Thus to major cities, fares are entirely reasonable.  It is actually to the point where I debate fares over $200 round trip, and seriously feel pain for fares over $300 RT for a domestic flight.  And that isn’t the Frontier unbundled pricing, that is Southwest and United pricing.

Since relocating to Denver I’ve been very fortunate to travel to places I never thought would be within affordable reach.  From the Atlanta, Hawaii was always a pipe dream, since the cost was usually $700 each way for economy.  In Denver it was $600 for a connecting itinerary in Delta Comfort+(On long flights I do need extra legroom because I am 6’5″).  I was able to fly the Norwegian Inaugural to London Gatwick, and attended the most recent incarnation of the Star Alliance MegaDO in Europe.  I was able to get in on the ANA mistake fare to Sydney, which allowed for a full day exploring Tokyo on the return.  Some of these events may get full posts, some may not.

While I have primarily focused on travel so far, I hope to branch out to look at some of the technology that can help make travel easier.  I will make a disclaimer that I use Apple products personally, however I do not have a hatred of Android or Windows.  I do have a hatred of bloatware that manufacturers of Android and Windows systems like to put on them.  My big focus is that while I am a technology geek, I like my technology to work without too many problems.

For those that have followed my blog from its old days at upgrd, I thank you for coming back.  For those that are new, let me say welcome and enjoy the ride.