Stay Hilton. Go Out. 20% Off Hilton Stays with Double Points and more

By Nick – Random Segments

A growing area within the travel industry is trips targeted toward gay travelers.  You have travel agents targeting the gay community, as well as organized gay cruises.  There are events surrounding Pride festivals all around the world, as well as special events such as Gay Days down at Disney World.  Most of the specials related to these events are confined to special event rates.  However, Hilton has a blanket discount program, that comes with some very useful benefits.  

By booking through the special LGBT site that hilton has, you get the following benefits

  • 20% off the standard rate
  • Free High Speed Internet
  • Double HHonors Base Points
  • Late Check-Out
While you also get a digital subscription to OUT Magazine, that is not the primary benefit we are talking about.  But look at those benefits on their own.  For some locations, this is better than the corporate rate that many company contracts provide.  This is already better than the base rate, and comparable to the advance purchase rate.  The discount is better than AAA, and some basic elite benefits are thrown in for free.
I was amazed to learn about this program last weekend, and it is one that I know that many of you would want to know about, especially since these stack with your existing elite benefits, and promotions, as this is a special rate, with the benefits included.  
And unlike most special group rates, there is no proof of membership required.  No card needed, and no way for the property to deny you the rate, even if are not gay.  The only restriction is that the promotion is only for Hilton properties, and not the full family of brands.  The offer currently expires December 31, 2012 but it may be extended or restarted next year.  Book your stays under this rate if you want to see a discount like this continue, or possibly even expanded.

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