Another Launch Party for a MegaDo, This Time for Star Alliance

By Nick – Random Segments

While I previously attended the oneworld MegaDo launch party, I was able to secure a space to the Star Alliance MegaDo 4 Launch Party as well.  Even with technical difficulties in forming the initial RSVP thread, when Gary announced the launch party, it filled within 40 minutes, while the OWMD party took a couple of days to fill.  However, one of the benefits of milepoint being a sponsor is that the save room for elite members of the site to have access to a special pool of slots for the event.  For the OWMD launch party it was the first 10 people, however due to the quick response for this event, they held a drawing.  As an additional bonus, milepoint is also doing a drawing for Silver Members (I know it seems like shameless plugging for milepoint, however since the organizers are also the founders of milepoint, they are doing sponsorship and cross promoting).  

But this is generally like the previous launch party where the focus is on the announcing of the SMD4 plans.  While it will be interesting to compare the parties (especially the giveaways, since the OWMD party was the first one where the sponsors when all out for swag), the real focus is on the megado itself. The party is on June 2 at 6:30pm in Crystal City, at the Hyatt Crystal City, just outside DCA.  There is even talk of a barcon, as the waiting list is long and a lot of people want to soak up the fun even if unable to get into the party itself. Unfortunately due to other things at the hotel, I am having to stay at a different property, though it is definitely one I intend to review for you. I will of course be on Twitter (@RandomSegments) with live updates of the announcement.


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