Wonderful Customer Service from the AAngel at the Admirals Club in Toronto

By Nick – Random Segments

One of the exciting things about traveling on the last day of a holiday is the various issues that can pop up.  I actually encountered one today when I wanted to get a 30 day Admirals Club pass when I entered the club in Toronto (With the amount of travel I have in the next month, a 30 day membership is a reasonable fee to pay).  The computer network decided to crash just as I arrived.  Fortunately, the agent was wonderful.  At first he told me to head on in, and relax while he would wait for the computer to come back up.  

Unfortunately, as anyone who has dealt with computer issues on a holiday knows, things never come back as usual.  Now, the agent could have easily just let me finish my visit, and instruct me to get my membership in my connecting city.  However, he went above and beyond, by actually writing up an entry letter to give me access for the next week until everything is fixed within the system.

And while the letter may not seem that special, it is a little touch that tries to make the travel experience as seamless as possible, even when there are serious computer issues.  So tonight, I get to enjoy the Admirals Club here in Toronto (Review Coming), as well as the one in Chicago, and Headquarters will sort it alll out in the morning.  Not a bad way to finish the holiday.

Ralph Hoffman, this is a shout out to you. Thank you for going above and beyond in delivering excellent customer service.


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