Meet Up With Other Flyers Doing Mileage Runs for Double and Triple Elite Qualifying Miles on American Airlines

By Nick – Random Segments

Now that the calendar has turned to January, the focus has shifted from getting status for 2012 to getting status for 2013.  With the Double Elite Qualifying Miles promos from American Airlines, there are people trying to figure out how to get there as quickly as possible.  Thanks to confirmation from American, those able to take advantage of the promo for flights between LAX/SFO and ORD or DFW can stack the offers, so they can actually earn Triple Elite Qualifying Miles.  And since the period for the all member double elite qualifying miles period runs through the end of January, the hardcore travelers are doing mileage runs like crazy.

To that end, there are different threads tracking where people are going.  For the mileage run meetup thread on Flyertalk, they are focusing on those who are taking advantage of TEQM, to gather statistics on anybody going from zero to elite, as well as tracking upgrade percentages.  Over on milepoint, the meetups are a little more general.  In addition, I have created a google doc where anybody can add their information, and sort through it as they wish.  

So if you are taking advantage of the offer and want to meet up with other fliers doing the DEQM or TEQM mileage runs, you know where to find them.


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